A Vietnam War Mystery

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About the Book

Killing Grace

The year is 1967 and the Vietnam War is raging. Lieutenant Ben Kinkaid of the US military police is patrolling the chaotic streets of Saigon after curfew when he crosses paths with US Army clerk Tommy Banks and his girlfriend, Grace Waverly. Grace says she’s a peace tourist, but she’s also a member of RAW—an anti-war group bent on stopping the war by any means necessary.

When Grace turns up dead in the Saigon River, Ben gradually uncovers a much larger conspiracy that involves an opium-pushing arms dealer and spies of every stripe. Rich with authentic details, this gripping thriller will immerse you in the tumultuous atmosphere of the 1960s as two very different men pursue justice, love, and survival in a world torn apart by war.

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September 19, 2023


About the Author

Peter Prichard served in Army intelligence in Vietnam for 14 months in 1968-69 at the height of the Tet offensive and was awarded the Bronze Star for service. During his six-year tenure as its top editor, USA Today won many awards and became the nation's largest circulation newspaper. Prichard then joined The Freedom Forum, the nation's leading nonprofit working to support First Amendment freedoms, where he helped develop the Newseum in Washington, D.C., serving as its president and chair.


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